Programmes Offered

The Curriculum Developers have drawn togther proven leaders in many fields and have developed courses.


  • Certificate Programmes – one year
  • Diploma Programmes – two year
  • Bachelor Degree – Three Year
  • Masters Degree – Two year
  • Doctoral Degree – One year beyond Masters

Zoe Bible College and theological seminary which is a non denominational Christian Bible College offering Biblical, practical and life transforming, training and demands intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit, the great teacher this intensive practical focus brings about life transformation in every student’s life.

Proven international spirit-anointed leaders are passing on their spirit and anointing to people, empowering them to become world-changers in there Churches and communities
Apprenticeship, disciple making and mentoing are an integral part of the curriculum.

Our Courses are designed to transform our students as servants of God who

  • Share the word of God to others with the intention of winning them for Christ
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest for missionary work and a global vision for evangelism
  • Demonstrate Spiritual maturity in his/her commitment for Christ and to the Church
  • Demonstrate the traits of a servant leader in all areas of ministry
  • Displays love, loyalty and responsibility to the local church, while performing God’s calling in their lives to transform others.
  • Knows how to apply the acquired knowledge for progress, while exhibiting wisdom and continuosly seeking instruction.
  • Pursues a daily biblical study and unceasing appetite for in depth knowledge of the Word of God
  • Has a daily awakening of personal moral values in order to represent the Kingdom of God here on earth
  • Recognizes the Lord’s voice, speaking on a personal level
  • Elaborates strategice planning to follow God’s instructions
  • Understands that we are living in the endtimes, a double portion of power, anointing and fire from heaven is being revealed to this generation in order to fulfill God’s plan.


# Ist Year
BIL 101 Introduction to the Bible (3)
BIL 100 Study of the Biblical History (3)
CBL 101 Basic Christian Foundations (3)
CBL 102 Discipleship (3)
CBL 103 Christian Doctrines(3)
PTH 121 Introduction to Hermeneutics (3)
PMN152 Homiletics I (3)
THS 111 Ecclesiology – The New Testament Church  (3)
THS 112 Christian Theology – Holy Spirit (3)
NIC 101 Christian Theology – New Life in Christ (3)



# IInd Year
BIL 201 Biblical Characters in the OT (3)
BIL202 Biblical Characters in the NT (3)
BIL 203 John’s Gospel – A General Study (3)
BIL 204 Romans Epistle – A General Study (3)
THS 201 Systematic Theology I (3)
THS 202 Christology (3)
BIB 201 Seven feasts of the Messiah (3)
BIB 202 Doctrine of the Church (3)
NIC 201 Your liberty in Christ (3)
NIC 202 Operating the Gifts (3)



# IIIrd Year
BIB 301 Old Testament Survey (3)
BIB 302 New Testament Survey (3)
NIC Shattering the Shackles of Shame (3)
THS 302 Synoptic Gospels (3)
THS 301 Systematic Theology II (3)
ETH 301 Eschatology – Book of Revelation (3)
MTH 301 Missiology (3)
NIC 302 Healing & Deliverance (3
CHC 301 Christian Counselling (3)
PTC 301 Pastoral Care (3)


Course Information

  • Certificate in Theology (C.Th) -> 1 Year, 30 Credit Hours, Eligibility – X Std Pass
  • Diploma in Theology (D.Th) -> 2 Year, 60 Credit Hours, Eligibility – X Std Pass
  • Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) -> 3 Year, 90 Credit Hours, Eligibility – XII Std / D. Th Pass
  • Master of Theology (M.Th) -> 2 Year, 60 Credit Hours, Eligibility – B.Th
  • Doctorate in Theology (Ph.D) -> Eligibility – M.Th

When the course is completed, students shall be awarded a a certificate of completion at the end of the first year and will be eligible to join the second year of the ZBCTS courses and similiarly the third year.