A note about the President

A great transformation occurred in the life of a young man, freshly graduated from Madras Christian College, Chennai, South India during his first encounter with the Prophet of the Century, late Rev. Dr. John Joseph in the summer of 1982. The young man is none other than Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar.

A new era dawned in the life of Rev. Samuel, as he began to learn life transforming teachings from his spiritual father late Rev. Dr. John Joseph. God began to move in his life to accept the will of God to be His Minister and to serve God with discipline and humility.

The rigorous training that he received under the watchful care of his mentor, perfected him in every walk of his life and enabled him to take up the Cross.

The sudden demise of Rev. Dr. John Joseph shattered him, but yet he regained God’s strength to follow the exemplary witnessing life of his spiritual father. The teachings that he learnt from him were put into practice and that led to the writing of “My Daily Strength” daily devotion book. The ministry he leads is named as “My Daily Strength Ministries”.

As inspired by the Holy Ghost, during his 40 days of fasting and prayer, the Lord gave him a burden to train young people in God’s word and also equip them with practical training and send them forth in the world to make others as disciples of Christ wherever they go. This led to the birth of Zoe Bible College and Theological Seminary.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Sudhakar has Master’s degree in Arts, Master’s degree in Business Administration, Master’s in Theology, Doctorate in Ministry, Doctorate in Divinity and a PhD

By the Grace of God, the Holy Ghost is using him mightily around the whole globe. He ministers to God’s children irrespective of caste, creed and religion and he preaches in all churches wherever he is invited. God has bestowed upon him the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be used to prepare God’s children for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, His ministry is to prepare those who are not prepared to meet the Lord, to prepare those who are prepare to meet the Lord and to prepare those who are already prepared to prepare others. His vision is to start a full fledged Bible University to strengthen the leaders of the Church and the present youth.

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar is pastoring his own church, The Word Tabernacle where people of all religions and denominations get to worship our Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth. As Lord inspires him many facets of God’s work will come into force in the days and years to come as according to God’s will and purpose.

The Holy Ghost inspired him to start a 24 hours prayer center in the name of his spiritual father Dr. John Joseph to pray for the needy souls who need the touch of God around the globe.