Zoe Bible College and Theological Seminary

Zoe Bible College and Theological Seminary is unique in its nature in equipping God’s servants with life transforming teachings and deliverance. It is founded and sponsored by “My Daily Strength Ministries”. The vision of ZBCTS is to enlighten lives to lighten others, as according to John 1:4 “In Him was life and the life was the light of men”.

This life from the Lord anoints God’s servants and his people giving them the burden to win souls and prepares them for the coming of the Lord with signs and miracles following them.

Benefits and Blessings

  • Discover how to minister cross-culturally effectively
  • Learn the basic principles of living and ministering everywhere
  • Receive basic practical training
  • Learning to stand for the truth always
  • Adhering only to God’s word and to be led by God’s Holy Spirit
  • To live a victorius life in Christ as living testimonies.
  • To become well equipped leaders with academic, spiritual and social skills fitted for the present scenario.
  • Make a Christ centered contribution to the communities in which they live and work
  • Serve Jesus Christ authentically in an increasingly complex and diverse world
  • Be Christ minded
  • To understand the endtime prophetical word
  • To be disciplined and to discipline others
  • Understanding God’s call and to be nurtured in His call
  • Life Transformation to bring forth the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • To understand the importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to receive, evangelize, heal, redeem and bless community

We make genuine calls to ministers of God, Church Leaders, Professionals , Teachers, Pastoral Counsellors, Prayer warriors and members of the Body of Christ who have a desire for in-depth training in the Word of God

Considering the daily routine of life, inconveniences, economical hardships or the inability to attend a college or seminary, we have designed a comfortable and convenient system to achieve your goal of obtaining a better qualified theological education.